Critical thinking Assignment on Intelligence cycle

I am needing a research paper on the Organization “US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Migrant and Refugee Services.” Here is what is needed to be written about it.
research the history of this organization and its role
in addressing refugee and immigration issues. Identify its declared objectives, where it gets its
funding and support, and describe the range of service and resources it provides. Identify where
it is most likely to be effective in its work. Identify internal or external sources of friction that
may be hampering its effectiveness, and speculate how it could change to manage or overcome
such friction. For the end of the semester submit a research paper of ten or more pages
presenting your findings. This paper should have notes and a bibliography observing Chicago Style

Footnotes are a must, about 3 per page. Some sources should be primary and secondary.

Any other questions please do not hesitate to ask.