Crisis Intervention Model in Social Work Assignment

Practice Model Paper
This written assignment will provide you with a structured opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge about a specific model for practice of your choice (Crisis Intervention Model). These models are drawn from y textbook.
The paper should be 6-7 pages and in APA format, double-spaced, in 12-point font with 1-in margins and page numbers, and a title and reference page. You must integrate 10 citations dra from the readings in the class as well as outside sources (e.g. books, peer-reviewed articles).

Your paper will include the following sections. Address the questions under each section. Use style headings to divide your paper in each section.
1. Introduction
a. What is the name of the practice model which you have selected?
b. Who is considered to be the developer(s) of the model? Provide specific names and dates.
2. Practice Model Overview
a. What is the basic philosophy of the model?
b. What are key concepts?
c. What are the goals of this model of therapy/counseling?
d. What is the nature of the desired therapeutic relationship, i.e. between the therapist and the client?
e. What are specific techniques utilized by the model?
3. Application to Diverse Populations
a. For what client population(s) is the model considered to be appropriate?
b. What does the model have to say about the multicultural practice?
4. Evaluation
a. What are the major contributions made by the model?
b. What are some of the limitations of the model?
c. How suitable do you/others consider the model to be for generalist social work practice?

Practice Model Paper: Grading Criteria (100 points; 25% of final grade)
Content Points
Introduction – Includes a brief description of the practice model and major developers/theorists behind the mode. /10 points
Practice Model Overview – Drawing on relevant literature, this section provides an analysis and summary of the practice model that is clear, comprehensive, informative, and demonstrates an understanding of the model’s unique practice contribution. Discusses theoretical underpinnings of the model and its appropriateness with particular client populations. /40 points
Application to Diverse Populations – Discusses the appropriateness of the practice model across diverse client populations. Attends to strengths and limitations with regards to cultural competence. /15 points
Evaluation of Practice Model – Evaluate the major contributions of the model, key limitations, and appropriateness for generalist practice. /15 points
Writing Quality – Paper is written in APA format, using 12-points font, double-spaced, and appropriate /20 points