Creativity in Content Areas or Creativity Blocker or Booster?

Creativity Blocker or Booster?: Reflection on Schools & Creativity
Min. 750 words
This is for you to reflect on a school and school system. You will analyze
and evaluate the school(s) and school system based on the following
criteria and steps:
You already defined the 4 components/factors to think about curriculum
and the 8 core competencies that schools should facilitate if they aim to
help students succeed in their lives via our Reading Response 7(Robinson,
Ch. 6, pp. 131-142).
1. Then, think about the class/the school/the school system you
experienced or taught. When you recall and rethink the 4
class curriculum components/factors, please select 1-2
competencies out of the 8 the curriculum components
emphasized the most with clear examples and 1-2
competencies that the curriculum components were not
reflected most frequently in the classroom with clear
examples. (Min 300 words)
2. Reflect the data you have from #1 and answer:
1) What particularly do you wish to change? and in what
ways? 2) What do you think these classroom/school curriculum
purposes are? 3) What are a couple of fundamental problems
for creativity and life success from your own perspective in this
classroom/school? 4) What are your suggestions? Be specific!
• Answer these questions by including Beghetto & Kaufman
as well. (Min 400 words)
2) Finally, based on your analysis and reflection, is the
class/school student a creativity blocker or student life
success booster? [Max. 50 words]