Coursework Outline: PLAN41031 & PLAN 60331 PROPERTY VALUATION (PGT and UG4) 2020-21

University of Manchester: SEED Planning and Environment        

Coursework Outline: PLAN41031 & PLAN 60331 PROPERTY VALUATION (PGT and UG4) 2020-21

Property Valuation: Assignment Two is worth 75% of the final mark for the unit.


This is an individual critical essay. The maximum word count is 3,000 words.

You are to prepare a valuation for your client, Bridgeford Street Enterprises Ltd. The valuation has been requested because they wish you to establish the Market Value of a property they propose to purchase as an investment.

The property is to be the same building (3 Hardman Street, Spinningfields, Manchester M3 3HF )that was the subject of Assignment 1 but this time you will be valuing the whole building and not just a single office suite.

You can assume that the property is available with vacant possession (empty and ready for occupation) once the transaction is complete and so there is no need to take account of existing tenancies or occupiers. However, you will need to undertake an Investment Method valuation reflecting current Market Rents and All Risks Yields.

Required elements of the valuation essay:

  1. Critically examine the current state of the office investment market in Manchester City Centre and the implications for you’re the subject property and your valuation (c. 1000 words).
  2. Critically analyze the factors affecting the All Risks Yield and Market Rents for the subject property (c. 1000 words).
  3. Discuss the uncertainty associated with your valuation (c. 750 words)
  4. Calculate the investment value of the property, clearly showing your working (equivalent to 250 words).


  1. Marking Criteria are the standard postgraduate-level taught criteria, which are available under Assessment on Blackboard.

The four categories of criteria are:

  1. Breadth & depth of knowledge and understanding
  2. Synthesis and critical analysis
  3. Structure, style, and argumentation
  4. Transferable skills

Please note that the overall mark is NOT derived from a national average of the levels achieved for each of the criteria.

  1. Feedback

Feedback will be available within 15 working days (this is excluding weekends, exam periods and university holidays).  Marks and feedback will be available electronically.

  1. Word Count and Late Submission

Refer to your Programme Handbook for further information on what is included in the word count and the consequences of exceeding the maximum word count or submitting work late.