Coursework Assignment on Evaluation Plan Presentation

You can assume that the program is already funded. You are seeking $50,000 for the evaluation of the program. Keep this relatively low funding amount in mind when planning the feasibility of your plan. You cannot afford a plan for a 20-year evaluation that follows clients throughout their lives.

Please create a word document answering the following questions

Using your logic model, develop a needs assessment, process, or outcome evaluation plan that explains each area of evaluations adequately within the Process of Evaluation Steps:
1. Engage stakeholders
2. Describe the program
3. Focus the evaluation
4. Gather credible evidence
5. Justify conclusions
6. Ensure usage and share lessons learned

For more information, please refer to:
• Grinnell, R.M., Jr., Gabor, PA., & Unrau, Y.A. (2016). Program evaluation for social workers: Foundations of evidence-based practice (7th ed.). New York, NY: Oxford University Press.
• Chapter 12 of Grinnell, Gabor & Unrau (2016) for outcome evaluation details. Tool Kit D offers solutions to managing evaluation challenges; this chapter might spark ideas.