Comprehensive Field Case Analysis Project, Evaluation (Part VII)

For Part VII of your case analysis project, you will write an evaluation of your project. This part of your case analysis project examines the following competency: “Evaluate practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.” To demonstrate this competency, you should be able to:
Use process and outcome evaluation findings to inform and shape the ongoing development of social work interventions.
Work collaboratively with evaluators/researchers in identifying questions emanating from practice, as well as assessing intervention efficacy and effectiveness.
Evaluation (Part VII)
Include these headings and follow the prompts for your assignment.
Your Role
Describe your role and/or professional use of self in your field case study.
Critical Thinking
Describe your critical thinking of the problem or issues and their possible resolutions.
Best Practices
Describe the best practices you integrated to resolve the case situation or problem.
Analyze the effectiveness of your interventions/best practices (for example, what worked well, what would you recommend to your supervisor as the best practice for your agency, why is your recommended best practice the most effective, and etc.?)