Compare Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater with Trellis by William Morris

For the Final paper, I should compare an object "Trellis" by William Morris with Frank Lloyd Wright’s "Fallingwater". You need to read my midterm paper first, and read Frank Lloyd Wright’s "The Art and Craft of the Machine" in attached files. Please focus on how the idea of William Morris "Simple and nature" influenced Frank Lloyd Wright’s work.
When you talk about "Trellis" and its related idea, you can rephrase my midterm paper.

Ideas influenced Wright :
simplicity, use of nature, purpose, truth in material, truthful construction
morality, life quality of workmen

Wright’s own style : geometric form(calculated, less waste) with machine technology

Machine : While Morris was opposed to a machine, Wright saw machine as the future of arts and crafts. It increases flexibility, better design with technology, time-saving.

Please observe and clearly narrate the interior(and exterior if you want to add) of "fallingwater" and compare the idea from ‘Trellis’.

For the source, use 2 sources that I attached on the file. And find 1 more source regarding Fallingwater.

It doesn’t need to be super rigid and scholarly, but please makes it flows well and clear.

Please send me message, if anything confusing.