Compare and contrast quantitative and qualitative research Assignment

For this discussion, you will create a table like the one below, comparing and contrasting at least 5 elements of quantitative and qualitative research. Additionally, please provide one example of when you would use a qualitative approach vs. a quantitative approach to study a health/healthcare-related topic. Example: Qualitative approach would be used to study the experience of living with a tracheostomy. A quantitative approach would be used to study the effectiveness of various tracheostomy cleaning solutions. You CANNOT use the examples used below:

Qualitative Methods Quantitative Methods

Includes interviews, open-ended Includes primarily surveys,
questions, and focus groups observations, and reviews of records

Uses research questions to guide Uses hypotheses to guide
the research the research

Identify the differences between qualitative and quantitative research
Identify types of research questions to be studied with qualitative versus quantitative method

Textbook (Chapters 5&8)
Title: Nursing Research
Author: Geri LoBiondo-Wood; Judith Haber
ISBN: 978-0-323-43131-6
Publisher: Elsevier – Health Sciences Division
Publication Date: July 26, 2017