Communication Essay Assignment on Intercultural communications

Reaction paper #2
A reaction paper gives you a chance to respond to current cultural issues by critically analyzing
another’s point of view. In this paper, you will respond to one of the questions from one of the articles
Your paper must:
• Be 2-3 pages, double spaced
• Contain at least 2 quotes from the article you choose to respond to
• Contain at least 1 quote from another source
• Use APA style for in-text citations and the reference list
• In response to this question, “In other words, men control their sexuality through how women
restrain themselves?”- Gole answers “Yes, especially, but they also have some codes — dressing
codes and so on. But it is basically women who are the markers of this difference and who are
the markers of what is to be considered as licit, what is to be considered as illicit; what is
private, what is public. So each time I would say it’s women’s body and it’s their cautiousness.
It’s their way of living in social and public life which marks the boundaries. They are the
boundary-setters. I don’t know if it’s fair or not …” Do you think it’s fair? Explain. How is it the
same or different for Christian (or religious) men and women in the United States?
• The interview begins with Gole’s struggle to define herself as a Muslim. Why was it so difficult
for her? Do you think some Americans struggle with identifying themselves as “Christian” or
“Atheist” or “Agnostic”? In your opinion, does gender affect religious identity? Explain.
• Do you believe that there are “moderate Muslims”? Justify your answer.
• Lean states, “Lastly, calling on ‘moderate Muslims’ to condemn violence or other loathsome acts
presumes that anyone who doesn’t is a terrorist lying in wait.” Do you agree with this
statement? Why or why not?
• This article is itself a response to Gabriel’s comments about “moderate Muslims” during a panel
discussion. Watch or read for yourself Gabriel’s comments. Which perspective (Lean’s or
Gabriel’s) do you agree with most? Explain.
For further help in writing this reaction paper, see the following sources: