Communication Analysis Assignment on Conflict Resolution Workshop


250 POINTS – workshop/paper (Practice Unit)

50 POINTS – proposal/prep materials/lo


You may work individually, or in groups consisting of no more than three people.  You will develop a lesson, workshop or other activity where you will teach a group of people how to manage conflict.  You may choose who your target audience will be for the project; however, this is not necessarily the group you will present your workshop/lesson/activity to for this assignment.  In other words, you will develop a workshop with a target audience in mind, but will likely present the workshop to a group of friends, family and/or acquaintances.   You will develop workshop materials (handouts, powerpoint slides, and other items) for the activity, and subsequently write a paper regarding the concepts used, planning process, and outcomes of the activity.  The paper must be rooted in evidence pertaining to conflict.  You may use your course text as ‘research’, and it is highly suggested you include outside research to inform your project.  Consider the sources you have previously used in this class, as well as other resources from peer reviewed journal articles, and credible library research.


In past semesters students have not emphasized the paper.  However, since I am not a part of your planning process, the only things I have to evaluate your effort are the final paper, video and your workshop materials.  Your emphasis for this project is of course the workshop, materials and preparation, but above all else, your main focus should be on the paper you will turn into me after you present your workshop using the workshop materials (handouts, powerpoint slides, and other items) you create.


1). Identify a group that will benefit from a conflict workshop. (ex. Workplace group, elementary school classroom, religious organization, etc…).

2). Justify your workshop as a useful tool for your targeted audience.

3). Develop materials, presentation, handouts, etc… for your workshop.

4). Present your workshop to an audience, record the workshop and upload it to a video hosting website such as Vimeo or You Tube.

5). Analyze and apply theories related to your workshop, handouts, powerpoint slides, and target audience.

6). Articulate the relationships between conflict theories and improving one’s skills.


Project Breakdown

Here are the steps you should take for the project:

  1. Log:  You will keep track of all the hours you put into this project.  Remember, since this is a practice course, you should dedicate at least 40-50 hours of time to this project throughout the semester.  Please use the log attached to this assignment sheet. It is best to keep an electronic log so that you may attach the log as an appendix to your final paper.


  1. ProposalYou will submit a 1-2 page proposal indicating your plan.  The proposal should include:
    1. Target Audience – background information about the group you choose.
    2. Justification for conflict resolution workshop – why this particular audience needs conflict resolution training.
    3. Planned materials – indicate the materials you plan to use for the workshop, and how they will be useful.
    4. Research – what sources you plan on using.  A reference page only should be included.
  1. Preparatory Materials:  You will prepare materials for your target audience.  This should include a powerpoint presentation, handouts, conflict resolution exercises/role playing activities, teaching materials, principles you should include for your target audience, etc…..   Remember, when presenting a workshop, organization is key.


  1. Workshop:  You will present your workshop to a group of people and record the presentation on video to be uploaded to the internet.  The group of people you present your workshop to does not need to be your intended audience.  They will, however, need to be informed of the intended audience in order to properly evaluate your performance, and the usefulness of the material you have presented.  (You may want to include evaluation materials so that after you present your workshop, your audience can evaluate the usefulness of the workshop you presented and include it in the next step of the project).
  2. Analysis Paper:  After the preparation process, and presenting the workshop, you will then evaluate your experience in a 6-9 page paper.  The analysis paper should include the following information:
    1. Introduction (1/2 to 1 page) – include a preview of all major sections of your paper.
    2. Body (5-7 pages)  –
  1. Justification of group choice
  2. Research using both the course textbook and outside research.
    1. This part of the paper should be extensive. Remember to use research and concepts directly from the course text to explain what you taught the group.
  • Outcome of the workshop
  1. What you would do differently next time
  2. What you learned throughout the process
  3. Conclusion (1/2 to 1 page) – include a review of all major sections of the paper and wrap up your experience.
  4. Reference Page, include all reference materials as well as a link to your uploaded Workshop Presentation Video.
  5. Appendices – including your time log, handouts, etc…. (powerpoint presentation should be submitted as a separate file due to formatting compatibility)


  1. Upload Completed Project to Comm 115P Wiki. After the projects are

completed, you will upload the entire project including the Analysis Paper,

Appendices, and link to your Workshop Video.  Instructions will follow on

instructors blog.


Your project will be evaluated in two different stages.  First, the project proposal will be evaluated for completeness, writing style, thoughtfulness, etc…. (25 points)

Second, I will evaluate the Workshop Materials used (powerpoint, handouts, other items), the Presented Workshop, and Analysis Paper.  Please see the attached evaluation sheet. (250 points).  Additional 25 points for uploaded video.


The paper must be typed (double spaced) and must display acceptable college level standards of grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, paragraph structure, spelling, etc.  Please use 12 point font and one inch margins on all sides (standard in Word).  Use only Arial, Verdana, or Trebuchet font.  Length: 6-9 pages written.  Attach appendices to the end of the paper.


Submission: Email your finished paper to me at as an attached file.  Label your file with your first and last name and the assignment, as with StephenGreene_speechcritique.doc

A Note for Students Working in Groups: If you work in groups, you are able to combine work for the proposal, handouts, powerpoint presentation and other preparatory materials.  Your analysis paper, however, should be individual work.

*** Please review the grading sheet below prior to starting this assignment. ***

______/20 1). Basics – Format Double-space, 12-point Verdana, Arial or Trebuchet font, one-inch margins.  Used subheadings as appropriate. Number all pages.  Name only at the top of the first page. Avoid empty lines between paragraphs.
______/25 2). Handouts – Quality of handouts including powerpoint presentation, handouts for targeted group, and other items prepared for instructional workshop.