Common Assignment Case Study

Purpose: To review strategies and skills in assisting a client with the change process. This short assignment will require a review of a student’s process record from work with a current client.

Please use the Case Study of Ms. Valle as the basis for this assignment.

I will supply you with other process recordings from my past field internship to give you an idea of what the process recordings should look like.

Please prepare for the paper to fill out her process recordings to create Ms. Valle’s case study an interactive collaboration.

Evaluation of Competency 6 (Skills): Managing client systems, ambivalence, and resistance effectively is to be demonstrated as these skills pertain to facilitating the change process.

This assignment will involve the use of a current case from your field internship.

Please introduce the case, as set out below.

Clearly present the focus of your work with your client.

Then include your process recording. This should demonstrate an interactive pattern with your client that shows your work with the change process.

Two sets of three interactions or possibly four will be sufficient in order for you to describe the process involved (skills/strategies) and follow-up discussion.

You may choose a set of interactions that can be improved—and this will satisfy the assignment—as you will discuss what you will do next time, with a supporting discussion of your proposed strategy.

Be sure to answer the questions posed after providing your process record as indicated following your presentation guide.

Presentation Guide

Provide an introduction in the outline form.

Agency______________________ Service context/setting________________________


Your role_________________________________________________________________

Client(s) description_________________________________________________________


Length of time working together________________________________________________

Number of sessions working together__________________________________

Presenting problem from both your and the client’s perspective. ___________________________________________________________________

Describe your therapeutic alliance with your client

What are the client’s goals? What are your goals in working with the client? ______________________________________________________________________________

Challenges the client is experiencing in changing (moving forward): ______________________________________________________________________________
Present your process record with enough examples (two to three sets of interactions—where there are at least three exchanges between you and the client). This will be drawn from one or more process records in order to support a description of how you are helping your client(s) with the challenges they are experiencing in moving forward (as part of the change process).
Describe how are you are facilitating steps forward in your work together.
What strategies and skills are you using?
How has the client responded?
Describe other strategies and skills that would further the work that you are doing