CHE 220 6-1 Milestone Three: Section V 6-1 Milestone Three: Section V

In 4 to 5 paragraphs, answer the questions below, which mirror the critical elements for Section V of the final project. They will help you complete this section of your final project.

V. Treatment and Prevention: In this section, you will create recommendations for healthcare planning and identify the various ways the disease can be prevented.

Have you recommended appropriate prevention strategies for individuals who have not developed or contracted the disease, and have you supported your recommendations with current research?
Have you identified the accepted treatment options that exist for the disease and described the impact of each on the disease’s progression?
Have you described the risks and benefits of each treatment option you have identified? Also, have you supported your description with relevant examples, such as the side effects of each treatment option? PLEASE USE YOUR OWN WORDS AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY ONLY DUE TO SECTION V