Case Study Assignment on Ethical Issues in Asia-Pacific business

Case study assignment on Ethical Issues in Asia-Pacific business

For this assignment, students will write a case study report in 2,000 words based on a case identified with circumstance or event that describes an ethical issue, within an Asia-Pacific business context from a media source (newspaper article, blog, advertisement) to bring to Week 3 tutorial. During this tutorial, the tutor will review your chosen issue to ensure that it has a suitable business ethical dilemma. Analyse your chosen case by applying either virtue ethics OR utilitarian ethical theories, arguing both the claims and the criticisms of your chosen theory in relation to your chosen cause.

For the ethical issue within an Asia-Pacific business, I would like to write it about Humidifier disinfectant case (which had happened in South Korea) (Oxy)

Structure for this report.
-Executive Summary(200words)
-Table contents
1.0 Introduction (100words)
2.0 Findings (1000-1200 words)
2.1 Theory (220 words)———definition, apply
2.2 Brand Image ( damage) (220words)
2.3 Impacts (220words)
2.4 CSR (220words)
2.5 Leadership (220words)
3.0 Conclusion + Recommendation (200words)
3~4 recommendations in dot points ( recommendation must be linked to Findings above)
Reference Lists- for the references I need to have minimum 12 academic journals and a few nonacademic journals. Could you please find the references in Emerald (6th APA)?
Please follow the structure above.
Thank you very much.