Case Study Assignment on Ethical Dilemma

Case study with the questions that need to be answered.

You are the charge nurse at a local nursing home.  You have a resident whose spouse died several years ago; the patient now is lingering near death.  The patient had a pacemaker inserted in the distant past and lives with multiple comorbidities including diabetes with painful neuropathy and blindness, as well as congestive heart failure.  The family has been faithful to stay by the patient’s side and has watched the patient suffer for weeks on end.  The oldest adult child approaches you and shares the siblings have talked and are in agreement regarding their parent’s care.  They request the doctor be called and a magnet be placed over the pacemaker to disable it.  You hear the request and assure the adult children you will address this as soon as possible.  You walk away unsure what to do.  In the meantime, the floor nurse calls the physician and the physician gives the order.

What do you do next to address this ethical dilemma?

  • Identify ethical principles that were breached in the scenario
  • State which ethical principles were employed in resolving the dilemma-( how ever you would like to resolve it.
  • Discuss personal values which you recognized were the basis of how you resolved the dilemma
  • Discuss the ANA Code of Ethics Provision(s) that supports your resolution to this dilemma.


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