Case Brief Assignment – Hooters of America v. Phillips

Case Brief Assignment – Hooters of America v. Phillips

The typed case brief assignment for BLR 310 for fall, 2018 is the Hooters of America v. Phillips case.  The court opinion has been edited significantly for the purposes of this assignment. Therefore, use only the court opinion which is posted under “Assignments” on Blackboard.  In addition to the posted court opinion and the contents of the sheet you are now reading, you should also review the section in the Syllabus entitled “Typed Case Brief” and the posted (under “Assignments”) documents entitled “Case Brief Assignment Explanation” and “Typed Papers Requirements and Suggestions”.

Two copies of the typed case brief are due on or before November 12, 2018, in accordance with the requirements stated in the Syllabus.  The paper is not to be more than three pages in length.

The “Issue” for your typed case brief is:

Is the arbitration agreement between Hooters and Phillips valid and enforceable?

A specific requirement of the typed case brief assignment for the Hooters of America v. Phillips case is to include in your “Analysis” portion of your case brief the nine provisions in the Hooters arbitration rules and procedures that were one-sided in favor of Hooters.  You should state specifically what was required of an employee that was not required of Hooters, and what specific rights Hooters had that were not provided to employees.  However, do not include the Hooters rules in the “Law” portion of your case brief.

Case Brief Grading Rubric:

Facts                                                                15%

Issue and Conclusion                                       5%

Law                                                                 20%

Analysis                                                          35%

Proper writing form, substance and                25%

style as described in “Typed Papers

Requirements and Suggestions”