Capstone project Assignment on Project Environment and Needs Analysis

For your capstone project, you will be working on a project of your choice for a hypothetical organization.

Your Writing Approach
• It’s always difficult to get started! Try just writing long-hand to get some of your ideas on paper.
• Perspective: Remember: You have already completed your project, or it is almost complete. You are looking back at your project and describing what has already happened. The present and future verb tenses have almost no role in this paper.
• With your 20/20 hindsight on the project, you should be able to focus on project management elements( using relevant sources) that were critical to your project, and explain why they were important, and how they shaped your choices.

Choosing a Project Scenario
Although there are many exceptions, here are some guidelines students have found useful when selecting a project scenario
• The project should be conducted in a professional setting such as a workplace or non-profit organization.
• The project should be large enough to merit a project team of at least five team members.
• The project should be narrow enough so that you can be specific in the WBS and schedule. It should not be repetitive (for example, painting five floors of a building).
• Real names of real organizations should not be used. Please disguise the name of the organization if your project originates in a real organization.
• The project should be complex enough to make it essential to use formal project management practices.

To begin the paper, you will start with a Project Environment and Needs Analysis, telling your audience more about the organization you will be working for, its strategic objectives, the business need, the PMO, the organizational structure and culture, important EEF’s, the alternative project they considered, and then briefly identify the project that was selected. Please see instructions below on completing the Project Environment and Needs Analysis portion of the project:

• Everything in this section should be related to Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of the PMBOK Guide or to relevant and reliable sources that focus on the topic.
• This week focuses on pre-initiating. You are describing the organization, how the organization determined a project was needed, what other projects they considered to meet this business need
• A business case that compares the alternatives to your project, and the benefits the organization is trying to obtain, and how all of this relates to the organization’s strategic objectives
• The project environment that you are describing existed before you started your project, and it still exists. Some key OPA and EEFs might be highly relevant to your project environment. Don’t just name them- explain why they are relevant.
• You will describe the organization, how projects are managed in the organization, whether there is a PMO, and what type of PMO, etc.
• Conclusion
• Resources