Business Studies Report Assignment on Development Project

The Coursework Task
Your Client, a medium-sized property company, has instructed you to find a development
and investment opportunity in Greater London. Propositions with potential, are required,
but careful consideration of planning and sustainability issues will be necessary to
convince the client that the development proposed can actually proceed to a conclusion.
1) Briefly research an actual medium-sized property company and in no more than 200
words state why this company could be your client. Name the company and outline
what they do, provide project examples.
You should identify two development opportunities that could be put to your client.
2) For this part of the question you should state how you have located the opportunities.
What methods, techniques have you used.
The two opportunities you identify may range from edge-of-town sites to existing small
shopping centers or industrial estates with potential for refurbishment. It is expected
that the range and diversity of opportunities identified by students will be wide. You may
identify derelict buildings or perhaps site assembly possibilities. You may well, therefore,
put forward sites or buildings that are not yet on the market, but where you can make a
reasonable case for the owner being open to good offers, for example by understanding
their reason for holding it and their strategy which may result in it’s release. Remember
though that your client is a medium-sized developer – the opportunities must match.
3) For BOTH of your two opportunities you must provide a realistic outline residual
valuation to show what figure should be paid for the site. You will need to provide a
reasoned residual valuation, which can be brief but must contain an initial
consideration of its sensitivity to all key variables that affect it. Then by reflecting on;
return on capital, risk, lot size, and project suitability decide which ONE of the two sites
you would recommend taking forward. (The residual valuations produced here maybe
outline to guide a site purchase figure, they may not be the final figure that your client
would actually pay. They should however be a realistic starting point for your
discussions with your client about the respective opportunities).
Assessment Criteria
This is the marking scheme by which the coursework will be assessed.
a) The client and information about them, and their example projects, related to the
brief. (20%)
b) A full description of the process you have adopted to find the site. (20%)
c) Demonstrate a working knowledge of the development process in relation to the
chosen site. This should include research of the current market for the
development and the planning and sustainability criteria that will affect it. 25%)
d) You must show an understanding of every detail in the valuations including it’s
sensitivity to changes to key variables. (25%)
e) The report should be well laid out and should include maps and plans. (10%)
The report should be no longer than 2,000 words and it needs to provide clear
succinct guidance, whilst addressing all relevant areas.