Business Studies Project on Alibaba and Amazon Assignment

  1. Using Alibaba as a publicly-traded company in an industry.  Find a publicly-traded competitor(Amazon) which is suitable for a merger or acquisition with this firm.
  2. Analysis of why the company should be acquired and what purchase price should be paid. The analysis should include the “real” reasons behind the merger.  Major topics should include: 

-A brief background of the industry in which the company operates, a background on the company and the management team, the acquisition purchase price ( a base purchase price, the maximum purchase price of the firm, willing to pay),

-what makes this merger a good fit, a brief strategy on how the company will operate after the merger, and how the deal would be financed.

             Annual Reports and 10Ks can be used as cited. attach as many pages as appendixes of data, tables, etc.. A financial model with a discounted cash flow valuation is required and should be included to support the analysis.

Mainly focus on:

1)         Fully express the financial concept of acquisition and the degree of application of analysis

2)         The quality and originality of the recommendations (Degree of correlation) of the company