Business Studies on Entrepreneur

Please use the attachment to create a 3.5-hour course outline.

In this course, you will provide an analysis and evaluation around LEADERSHIP using the ATTACHMENT as your primary source.

Use the information from the ATTACHMENT to create four (4) units. Each unit will have two (2) parts and each part will be made into a lesson plan.

For example What You Will Learn

Course Description: Please use 3-5 sentences

Please use action words such as: Grow, Find, explore, build, drive, assess, create, etc.

So, each lesson plan will have 8 clear objectives, coupled with 8 essential questions.

Each segment should be supported by the VARIOUS text topics from the ATTACHMENT.

Learning to make a clear argument that is supported by specific evidence is essential to the kind of critical thinking that your time in college should help you develop.


Please ensure you read AND build using the attachment

Then, write out the units and the parts that will be taught as the lesson (key skills).

For example, in this unit, the students will be able to ….

Essential questions should reflect the objectives that were learned

Please answer the following questions:

Course Description:

Unit Name


Essential Questions