Business Studies Essay Assignment on Organizational Control

Organizational Control

When developing your strategic implementation for StilSim Personnel, please pay particular attention to how you plan to control the implementation of the plan.  Have you identified SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, & time-based) goals?

  1. Are your SMART goals informational or behaviorally based?
  2. Do they assume a compliance-based or integrity-based culture to be effective?

Strategic Innovation

Strategic advantage is often driven by the degree to which the organization is innovative (identifying needs, creating solutions to meet those needs, and team effort around value creation).  The word create often arises when discussing innovation.  There is a profound difference between organizations that have developed a “creating culture and those that maintain a traditional, “problem-solving culture.

Organizations that are in a creating mode are far more innovative than those focused on problem solving or fixing things.  Understanding the differences between these two organizational perspectives can be illuminating.   The ability to create an innovative, creating culture is a powerful leadership characteristic.

Compare and contrast some of the attributes of a “creating culture versus a “problem-solving culture.

  1. Have you ever worked in either culture?  How did that culture make you feel?  How did it affect your performance?
  2. How can an organization create a culture of innovation?
  3. Have you built innovation into your strategic plan for StilSim Personnel, either in the strategic formulation or the structure put in place to meet the challenges of the future?  The attached PowerPoint presentation summarizes key aspects of innovation that might help you refine your strategic plan further.