Business Studies Essay Assignment on Digital marketing: Fan Fit

Digital marketing: Fan Fit

Learning Outcomes Evidenced by this assignment:

  1. Evaluate the relevance of traditional marketing theory to the digital realm.
  2. Appreciate and understand the importance of interdisciplinary research to digital marketing
  3. Appraise key metrics for evaluating digital campaign performance
  4. Consider the relevance of traditional marketing thought to contemporary digital domains.
  1. Evaluate how digital marketing can be integrated into company and marketing strategy
  2. Understand how to develop a coherent digital marketing strategy and evaluate its results
  3. Apply digital campaign management skills to contemporary organizations
  4. Evaluate theory independently and understand how it applies to relevant case examples.

Fenton A., Heinze A. (2015). “Fan Fit: Developing a Sports Club Social Media and Fitness App to Engage Fans”, The Case Centre,

Using relevant digital marketing theory and industry sources, students should address the following questions:

  1. What are the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Treats for Fan Fit?.
  1. Who are the competitors for Fan Fit?
  1. What is the digital marketing strategy that you would recommend for them in order to be able to sell in other markets that you fell would be appropriate?
  1. How should Fan Fit use Channels, Content, and Data to reach its buyer personas?
  2. What changes would Fan Fit have to make to implement the new strategy?

Assignment Instructions


You have been asked to answer the question in a structured report. All the questions are related one to each other.


  • Short introduction
    • Question 1
    • Question 2
    • Question 3
    • Question 4
    • Question 5
  • Short Conclusion and personal reflection
  • Bibliography
  • Length 2000 words


Skills Advice

Refer to the material provided in your skills modules to make sure that you have conformed to academic conventions.  Pay particular attention to:

  • Your introduction
  • Your conclusion
  • The use of headings and/or signpost words
  • Paragraph structure




Actual Mark

Correct Answer to the question using appropriate data and theories




Depth and breadth of literature and theories used, evidence of a critical approach




Ability to create an overall solution, linking the five answers one to each other




Overall Presentation, Professionalism and Referencing









General Comments:

Agreed Mark:



General guidelines for standards expected at different levels of study.


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3


(70% or above)

Thorough understanding of relevant ideas.  Clear and well referenced argument.  Coherent structure.

Ideas critically analysed.  Argument is clear, succinct and well supported.  Evidence of a wide range of reading and some independent thought.

Critical work evidencing excellent synthesis and application of ideas.  Work is exceptionally well constructed and presented.

Upper Second


Sound understanding.  Well written and relevant argument.  Appropriately referenced.

Critical consideration of relevant ideas.  Arguments are precisely defined and appropriately referenced.  The work is structurally sound and well written.

Ideas are critically applied and coherently presented.  Evidence of wide reading and some originality.  Well referenced

Lower Second


Evidence of understanding and independent reading.  Adequate referencing, but some unsubstantiated material.  Weaknesses in spelling, structure & grammar.

Reasonable understanding of the relevant concepts, but some inconsistencies in application.  Arguments are referenced, but disjointed.  Poor structure, spelling or grammar.

Clear grasp of concepts and some critical application.  Appropriately referenced and relevant argument.  Reasonable structure and syntax.  Well presented



Indication of some understanding, but poor application of ideas.  Minimal referencing.  Generally weak structure.

Generally descriptive work with limited evidence of a critical consideration of ideas.  Inadequate referencing.  Weaknesses in structure, spelling and grammar.

Evidence of good understanding of issues, but crudely applied.  Work indicates some critical thinking, but tends towards description.  Argument may be unbalanced.  Poor structure and presentation


(Below 40%)

Irrelevant or poorly analysed material.  Indication of weak grasp of concepts.  Inadequate structure.  Poor grammar and spelling.

Uncritical.  Poorly referenced.  Argument indicates little use of relevant literature.  Chaotic structure and generally badly written.

Poorly referenced and suggests inadequate exploration of relevant literature.  Chaotic structure and generally badly written.