Business Studies Discussion Essay on The Case Analysis Coach

(“”instructions for the writer””)
I ordered three pages for this assignment. Please use two pages for the analysis case, and the 3rd page for the comparison” Please make it clear for me to identify the analysis and comparison.

(“”Assignment instructions””)
**Case 1 analysis (5%). The Case Analysis Coach focuses on Komatsu Ltd. You should read the case, run the tutorial, and write up your own analysis (1-2 pages), addressing the following questions:

1- How was Komatsu able to evolve from a $169 million company with low-quality products to become a real challenge to Caterpillar by the early 1980s? How would you evaluate Mr. Kawai’s performance?

2- Why did performance deteriorate so rapidly in the mid-1980s? What grade would you give to Mr. Nogawa’s term as CEO?

3- How appropriately did Mr. Tanaka deal with the problems he inherited? What is your evaluation of his brief tenure as CEO?

4- How effectively did Mr. Katada take charge? How would you assess his new vision for the company? His new strategy? His new cultural and behavioral objectives? What grade would you give him for his performance?

**Case 1 comparison & reflection (5%). Once you have completed your case analysis, please compare your analysis with Komatsu Case Notes: Student 1 or Student 2. You should write one page of your original analysis and another one-page reflection on how your analysis compares to the Case Analysis Coach example and what you could do to improve the analytical process and outcome