Business Studies Coursework on Week 8 discussion post


In this module, you will focus on queueing with patient and impatient customers. You are the Operations Manager for a large customer service company in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. You have just been asked by your supervisor to select a queue model for your new call center. The cost of service is $12 (U.S. $) and the cost of waiting is $4 (U.S. $). Historical arrival rates (how often customers call in), has varied uniformly between 22 minutes and 45 minutes. If you choose a M/G/1 queue, your standard deviation is 0.18 (based on historical values at your other call centers). Your job will be to select the queue style you want for the new call center, which will require you to establish a service rate and number of servers (as necessary).

This discussion addresses the following Module Outcome:

  • Evaluate processes with impatient customers using the Erlang Loss Model. (CO1, CO4, CO6)


In this discussion scenario, you were directed by your supervisor to select a queue type for your company’s new call center in Kota Kinabalu. It is time to explore the various queue types (using this link (Links to an external site.)) and select a queue type for this discussion.  This is the external link to queue types


  • Download and fill in the Queue Template(Links to an external site.) for this assignment.
  • Choose a queue type, including any assumptions/calculations you made for input parameters. In addition, provide your average waiting time in the system (W) for each of the three options listed above (you will select one M/M/s option)
  • Answer the following:
    • What were your tradeoff considerations/variables?
    • Now assume that your cost of waiting increases to $6, does that change your selected queue? Why or why no