Business Studies Coursework Assignment on Online E commerce

Go to:
E-Commerce Website Selling Comics & Manga
Company: Electrifying Comics

Based on the website above answer:

-Blog #1: What processes/concepts from The Lean Startup (book) benefit your eCommerce solution/business and details of why it’s being used?

– Blog #2: Detailed RPA use for eCommerce solution – How does your product/service or business use RPA? (Talk about using RPA payment solution(s))

– Blog #3: What additional technology are you currently or planning on incorporating into the business/service/product?

– Blog #4: What plugin(s) would help your website/business and why? This can be a WordPress or Ecwid or some other plugin. No need to purchase or install the plugin – research only.

– FAQ: questions and answers to anticipated questions from customers/clients.

– Terms and Conditions: Disclaim your website as a fictitious site/concept for an educational assignment (unless you’re launching an actual business/service). Include generic language from terms and conditions templates/examples.

– Privacy Policy: Describe the company’s privacy policy (use templates or boilerplate language).