Business Studies Business plan Assignment on Gift of Life Dialysis Center

Gift of life dialysis is a company that will provide in center dialysis service. The mission of gift life dialysis is to give life and maximize patient wellbeing by providing high quality dialysis service to patients who are 18 and older in a safe environment. The company vision is to be the number one provider that saves many ESRD patients life and enable these patients to live the best promising life. Gift of life Dialysis Company will dedicate itself and make sure to continue quality of improvement in order to provide highest quality of care today and in the future. The clinic will be open Monday through Saturday from 6:30 am to 4:30 pm and will provide two shifts each day. Patients will be scheduled to receive treatments three times a week (MWF or TTS).  In order to provide effective care to patients the clinic will have interdisciplinary team that include physicians, advanced practice providers like nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, Patient technician care and social workers.  The clinic will have 20 chairs and machines which will be able to provide service for 80 patients.  The company will have a liaison who will work with local hospitals by advertising and promoting the business. And also work closely with local doctor’s offices.

Medicare usually covers dialysis and most treatments that involve with ESRD or kidney failure. The eligibility for Medicare is different. Social worker will work with patient in setting up patients Medicare card. Also, the social worker will work with insurance company liaison.

Our Core Values are the principle of our company’s identity that makes us unique and will help us to meet our mission.






(2-4 dependent variables)

  • Number of patients
  • Revenue
  • Insurance company


  • Enhance patient care and outcomes
  • Provide safe dialysis treatment
  • Avoid any complication related to dialysis treatment

Key variables that can influence are (4-5 independent variables)

  • Building rent
  • Location
  • Size of building
  • Employee training
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Competing clinics in a given area
  • Application for certification
  • Health department inspection
  • Demands
  • employee
  • Supply
  • Retaining patients
  • Amount of expenses needed on hand before beginning to provide patient services.

 Having the right location, building size, competitors in a given area will determine the number of chairs needed and the demands in that particular area. By completing a feasibility study that will measure how likely it is for a gift of life dialysis clinic to thrive in a given location, analyze the demand for service in that particular area, the cost of startup, and operating budget.