Business Studies Assignment on Sustainable Manufacturing

Abstract: Firms in the manufacturing industry are under increased pressure to prove their sustainable strategies moving towards a zero-carbon emission while trying to maintain their marginal profit. While this sector has been transformed by industry 4.0, it kept short on providing practical solutions on the so-called Sustainable Manufacturing and energy management more precisely. This research seeks to study the feasibility of a startup business offering a digitalization solution for the food and beverages manufacturing firms allowing them a real-time measuring of utility consumption, on a machinery level. Besides secondary data collection about the sustainability exigence and regulations in the area of study, qualitative research will be conducted, interviewing professionals about the added values of such solutions serving as a basis for their sustainable and cost advantage projects selection in the future.
Question: In relation to the project topic above explore the below:
A particular research method that you see as being feasible for the research. The essay should include a description of the method, a discussion of its strengths and weaknesses, and an assessment of how it could be used in the project.
An example is attached below