Business Studies Assignment on Indigenous communities live and work in Canada

Observation Sheet #1 Data Cycle Observe using videos, remote or in-person classroom setting or your own child/ren, birth through 2nd grade. Observe children for no more than 15 to 30 minutes depending on age/grade. Include a profile of student: grade/age, gender, remote, in person, number of students in class or remote, when and where observation took place. -Remote classroom (zoom) All day -Own classroom (Headteacher) -Teach children with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Children, our symbols to communicate their answers. They receive help from para or parents. Parents/Para read out loud each choice to the child. Then reads them again one by one. Child hits switch when they hear the answer they want. – 7:1: Classroom/ages 6-9 / 3 girls (one 6 years old, two 8 years old) /4 boys (one 7 years old, two 8 years old)

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Due to the pandemic. We have to make up a classroom that we would have been in this semester. However, because schools are closed we have to make up a scenario which is what I wrote in the description of the paper