Business Project on Operations Management- Amazon

The project is an integral part of the course. Its purpose is to complement the class learning and
to expand students’ understanding of a certain industry. The project should be carried out in
groups of no more than five students. A report (less than 5 pages with font size no smaller than
11) is expected from each group. The report should contain the following three main components:
1. Students are expected to carry out a company performance analysis. The analysis must
relate to an actual company that produces goods or provides services. The goals are to
perform an initial systematic audit of the company’s current operations performance and
to identify ways in which performance might be improved.
2. Students are expected to extend the company performance analysis horizontally by
briefly examining the competitors within the same industry.
a. What are the key differences in their products/services and operations strategies?
b. How has the competition evolved in the past decade?
c. What is the current status of the industry?
Alternatively, students can extend the company performance analysis vertically by briefly
examining the major upstream suppliers and downstream customers.
a. Which organization is dominating within the supply chain?
b. Were there any innovations that dramatically changed the supply chain
structure in the past decade?
3. Students are expected to conduct research on job requirements of internship/entry-level
positions in related companies/industries/supply chains.
a. What skills do you need to learn by yourself outside the classroom?
b. What are the possible interview questions?
c. What does the daily job look like?
d. How is the career growth?
1. Form a group by 9/29.
2. Ms. Judy Geczi will visit the class on 9/26. She will give us a library session about how to
utilize SLU library resources.
3. Inform the professor of by 10/3 of the company/industry/supply chain you want to study.
4. Submit a report by 10/29.
Industry survey:
Supply chain survey: