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Business Case Analysis on Centurion Media

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Business Case Analysis on Centurion Media

Paper Assignment
Due March 27

The paper is an analysis of the case “Centurion Media” (the case is included in the Course pack – we will discuss this case in class on March 25).

Evaluation of Paper: Good performance on this assignment consists of systematically and thoroughly applying relevant concepts and methods from the course to the case. When you introduce a concept, please explain what it means and how it applies to the case (make sure it is clear that you know what the concept means and why it is relevant). Please explain the concepts in your words, not mine (from slides).

Apply concepts from class! Your assignment is not simply to analyze the case; it is to use concepts from this course to analyze the case. You will be graded on how well you explain and apply concepts from class. I strongly recommend that you do not consult outside readings. This is not a research paper. It is more like a take home “open-book” essay in which you are allowed to consult all class materials (my lecture slides, the assigned articles/cases). Everything you need to write a perfect paper is contained in the case itself and the content that we have covered in the course.

The paper is due by 11:59pm on March 27, 2020. Please submit the paper (as a Word doc) on the Blackboard website for the course. The paper should be 12-pt font (Times New Roman), 1-inch margins, double-spaced.

Penalties for late submission: Papers will be penalized 2 points (out of the 100 total) for each day late. Papers submitted on March 28 will be penalized 2 points, papers submitted on March 29 will be penalized 4 points, and so on (with each additional day late adding 2 points to the penalty).

Academic Dishonesty: You will submit your assignment through SafeAssign on blackboard. Additionally, I have a database of every paper ever submitted in the class to compare for similarities. If your paper duplicates—in whole or in part—any previously submitted paper, it will be considered plagiarism and referred to the Academic Judiciary.


Organize your paper as follows, with these section headings (in addition to these sections, your paper should have a brief, e.g., 1 paragraph, introduction and conclusion). Be sure to include the section headings.

I. Evaluate Fowler’s Behavior (minimum length: 500 words): In this section, you should do both of the following tasks.

1. Evaluate Joseph Fowler’s behavior. Use each of the following concepts to evaluate whether Fowler’s behavior (and role in negotiating the contract between Northpark and Centurion) was ethical or not:

a. Fiduciary duty (apply duty of care and duty of loyalty separately): Did Joseph Fowler violate his duty of care? Did he violate his duty of loyalty? Be sure to explain each concept and defend your answers.

b. Conflict of interest: Did Joseph Fowler have any conflicts of interest? If so, please describe the conflict of interest and why it is a problem.

c. Procedural Justice: Did Fowler violate the standards of procedural justice? If so, in what way exactly? Be sure to explain the concept and defend your answer.

2. Apply a code of ethics. Evaluate the situation from either a utilitarian or deontological perspective. The task is NOT to figure out whether Fowler was a deontologist or utilitarian. Instead, (a) pick one of these two moral philosophies, (b) explain the philosophy, and (c) explain how someone who follows that philosophy would judge the situation (e.g., Fowler’s behavior, the contract, etc.).

II. Bennett’s Dilemma and Options (minimum length: 250 words)

The case ends with Richard Bennett facing a difficult decision. What are his possible courses of action? Describe and consider each of these alternatives in detail. What specifically would each option entail (be concrete and specific)?

Who are the key stakeholders in this situation? Consider each option from the perspective of each of these stakeholders. What are the potential consequences of each option (how will various stakeholders be affected)?

III. Recommendations (minimum length: 500 words): In this section, you should make concrete recommendations regarding the following two issues:

1. Of the possible courses of action you identified in the previous section, which one should Richard pursue? What do you expect will happen if he does this? Be sure to defend/justify your recommendation. Why is this the best solution?

2. How could this ethical issue/dilemma be avoided in the future? Make and defend your recommendations, using concepts from class, for preventing situations like this from arising. How could you change the rules, norms, or other aspects of the environment so that the organization was less prone to this sort of ethical problem in the future?

If you think some aspect of the company can be improved, explain the specific, concrete steps you will take to change it. It is not enough to say, for example, “I will make the corporate culture better.” How exactly will you make it better? And why will your plan work? How would your plan address the needs/rights of key stakeholders?

Formatting Guidelines

Title Page: Your paper should have a title page that includes the title, your name, class information, and date of the paper.

Introduction and Conclusion: In addition to the 3 primary sections, your paper should have a brief (i.e., 1 paragraph) introduction and a brief (i.e., 1 paragraph) conclusion.

Reference Section: When you reference an article (e.g., an article that we read for class), please include an in-text citation and add it to a reference section. Use APA style for the reference section and in-text citations.

Citing Lecture/Slides: You may find yourself referring directly to lecture or lecture slides. If you do so, you should explain the concepts in your own words, not mine. Also, if you quote anything word-for-word from the slides (which I don’t recommend because you should be explaining the concepts in your own words), you must put it in quotation marks. Cite lecture slides in the following way:

In-text citation: insert a parenthetical citation that says “Sherman” and the date of class. For example:

(Sherman, February 3)

Reference section:

In the references section, add a full reference for the lecture. You can use the title from the first slide of the powerpoint. For example:

Sherman, G. (February 3, 2020). Moral Philosophy and Psychology. Lecture Slides.

Total Length: Each section has a specified word minimum (see above). Please be sure to at least hit the minimum length for each section.

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