Business Assignment on Week 5 case study

Costco Wholesale Corporation owns and operates membership warehouses in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Japan, Australia, and Spain. Costco also engages in retail operations through majority-owned subsidiaries in Korea and Taiwan. The outside equity interests (not owned by Costco) in the Korean and Taiwanese subsidiaries are presented collectively as noncontrolling interests in Costco’s consolidated financial statements.

Access Costco’s most recent 10-K annual report and answer the following:

  1. How does Costco present the noncontrolling interest in the following financial statements?

–  Consolidated Balance Sheet

– Consolidated Income Statement

-Consolidated Statement of Other Comprehensive Income

– Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows

  1. Explain how Costco’s presentations of the noncontrolling interest reflect the acquisition method for consolidated financial reporting as a single economic entity.

You can access Costco’s 10-K annual reports in the SEC’s Company Search page and on Costco’s website.

Include complete reference list information and the URL link in your List of References. Cite the exact page number used in your in-text cite.

Paper Format:

Minimum 3 pages total (not including title page, abstract or reference page)

 Proper APA format

 Minimum of 4 scholarly source