Business Assignment on Customers want innovation

Customers want innovation. The businesses that provide it can succeed to a greater degree than
their competitors that are content to offer the same things (or services) to their customers created in
the same old way.
Hence the mantra for CEOs: “innovate or die”.
Organizations such as Google, Amazon, Netflix, Airbnb, Apple and Dropbox are successful because
they have refreshed the idea of what their markets want.
The innovation activity is about successfully delivering change in its many forms. Being good at
innovation has always been important – what has changed in recent years is the sheer speed and scale
of innovation in industries all over the world.
Innovation processes are also increasingly complex. With inputs from different levels and department
within an organization and increasingly from a wide variety of external sources, increasingly,
operations mangers are expected to take a greater and more active part in service and product
The essay : to complete a case study of an organization in Qatar. In detail, it will be important to
establish how ‘innovative the organization is’ or indeed whether it is not ready to innovate. The organization is Oreedoo is the first telecommunications in Qatar. provides different services for clients, packages, for tourists and locals. In addition now in the COVID19 period, they are providing free service packages for clients for Netflix accounts for the first period when you register.

expected to detail:
• The strategic role of product and service innovation – if it exists – in the chosen organization.
• Where do they exist, are the product and service innovation process objectives specified?
• Is the product and service innovation process defined?
• Are the resources for developing product and service innovations adequate?
Is the development of products and services and of the process that created them