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After you locate and read the article, The Crucibles Of Leadership, prepare and submit a 3-4 page paper that summarizes what you learned as well as outlines your goals for this MAOL program. Include a brief summary of your current understanding of leadership and what you hope to learn or gain from earning your Masters’s in Organizational Leadership. Be sure to adhere to APA guidelines when writing this post, use in-text citations, and reference your work.
Your paper should include the following sections (please use APA subtitles):
In your introduction, you should include at least one sentence that states your purpose for writing the paper. This will serve as your structure for the remainder of your paper.
Article Analysis
Briefly summarize the article. Identify three (3) insights gained about leadership as compared to your own ideas about leadership.
Reflective Analysis
What surprised you and what will you do differently to enhance your effectiveness? Identify three (3) goals you have for yourself in this competency, in this MAOL program and for your current/future career.

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