Book Review Assignment on Culture Wars

  1. This assignment should reflect the research and effort the student has placed in meeting course requirements for the Final Book Review Paper.

    Title of the book and a short bio of the author


    1. Why the student selected this book
    2. An overview of your presentation: A brief, effective introduction that lays out the theme or central argument of your book review.
    • The student should look for a “hook” to catch the interest of your audience—look for an interesting anecdote or a description that stood out in the book.


    1. Remember that your review is not a book report but a summary of the important aspects or arguments of the book.
    2. The body of your presentation should be a series of observations about the book–the “major points” from your notes, pointing out the books strengths and weaknesses, as well as how it fit into the general themes of this course. Discuss the book’s relevancy to course issues.

    Concluding statements – A clear statement or recap of the presentation reminding the audience of your key points and any recommendation on others to read the book.

    Total time: 6-10 minutes

    No PowerPoint presentations however videos not to exceed 1 minute are ok. Creative visuals or other props are appreciated.