Black Protests In Poland explained through the Political Opportunity Theory

Follow the guidelines below and the outline attached under “materials”. Write about the movement Black Protest in Poland looking at it through the social movement political opportunity theory

1. Style
• 12 pt. Times New Roman/Arial
• 5-7 pages
• 1,5 spacing
• Ca. 1700 words
• Images/Tables/Graphics as an appendix
• Bibliography as an appendix

2. Content
• Chapter on the described movement’s “story”- Black Protest in Poland
o When and how was it founded? What was the founding context?
o Active time
o Goals
o Tactics
o Members
o Legacy/Achievements
o Key symbols/colours/figureheads etc.

• Chapter on the chosen theoretical approach – political opportunity theory
o When did it start?
o On which theoretical/societal background did it start?
o Who were the main theorists?
o Main arguments
o Critics and Legacy

3. Conclusion
• Chapter containing analysis of your social movement through the chosen theoretical
• Chapter containing discussion of which points were useful in combing the approach with the movement and which were not