Black Couples Filtering Their Love Stories Through the Use of Social Media Assignment

Hello, I need a writer that is culturally competent, sensitive to African American Culture/ History and an expert in narrative therapy techniques and approach. The writer must not insert biases in the paper and must be neutral reporting the findings of the paper in chapter 5.

The following is the feedback from my professor:

Chapter 5 does not seem to be reflexive of the literature on black couples and Narrative Theory you cite in Chapters 1-3.

1. In chapter 5, the Writer must ADD information reflexive of the literature of black couples and narrative therapy in each section of chapter 5 based on the findings. Keep in mind narrative therapy is the main theoretical framework for this study. Gottman theory is also used in this study as you see already listed in the chapter. Don’t remove the content in chapter 5 but ADD TO IT.

2. The following below are a few discussion points I would like to be discussed in chapter 5 :

A. Black couples’ use of social media in developing their couple narratives.
B. submerge versus privileged voices
C. Strengths of black couples
D. societal and historical influences on black couples
E. How Narrative therapy is used to understand the difficulties of holding on to unique personal narratives and preferred futures in the context of a hostile dominant discourse.

Please make sure you cite supporting literature as well as responses from the findings to provide rich information in each section.

3. Please make sure there is nothing in chapter 5 that can be deemed offensive or derogatory towards black people.

4. Please make sure the table of contents aligns with each section of the paper accurately