Beatriz Gusmao, Précis #3: After the disease, the debt and The pandemic will leave the rich world de

  1. 1. Carefully read the instructions for précis writing.
    3. Read both the leader and the briefing. The two go together, but you will need to remember to synthesize them. Do not treat them as two separate articles, but rather one whole piece.
    4. While identifying the main argument and gathering your evidence, avoid including details that are out of date.
    5. The author is unidentified, so you can refer to him just in general.

    – Your précis must be exactly 1 page in length – no more no less.
    – 12-point, Times New Roman font
    – Double-spaced, normal (1.0”) margins
    – Do not format with an MLA heading.
    – Put your title in the header with your name, précis number, and the article’s title