At Risk Youth – M5 Web Activity- Encouraging Youth Self-Advocacy

Encouraging Youth Self-Advocacy

Until this point, we have only discussed advocacy in terms of activities that adults can do for or on behalf of youth. But young people can also become advocates for themselves and for the larger issues that affect them. Explore the online resources below and then discuss what you have learned about youths as advocates and how adults can encourage youths to become advocates themselves.

—-Freechild Institute – Youth as Advocates
—-Annie E. Casey Foundation – To Be Effective Advocates, Youth Need Support
—-Art180 – Youth Self-Advocacy Through Art
—-Youth Power! – Supporting Self-Advocacy

When submitting your assignment, be sure to include:
—-Overall purpose of the resources
—-Summary of the article – main theme and major points
—-What you learned
—-Your Reaction to the resource – what questions the resource prompted you to have, what was most interesting or surprising and why, etc.
—-How you would use this information to advocate on behalf of at-risk youth.