Assignment on Sociology Essay Agenda 5

Agenda for day 5 Introduction to Global Inequality Readings and multimedia: Examine this scatterplot showing inequality in average income and life expectancy around the world. The richer and healthier nations are clustered in the upper-right-hand corner of the scatterplot. The poorer, less healthy nations are clustered in the lower left-hand corner. Average national incomes range from less than $500 per year to over $50,000 per year. Life expectancy varies across nations from about 45 years to over 80 years. Has it always been this way? How did we get here? Watch this video, 200 years that changed the world by Hans Rosling. If the video doesn’t play there, try watching it on YouTube here.BPt8ElTQMIg Read chapter 2 of The End of Poverty by Jeffrey Sachs. Take quiz 5 Essay 5 Although we have not read Marx in this class, you should have at least vague memories of his ideas from your course in Sociological Theory (Sociology 2130). Sachs does not write much about communism, but we can get a general sense of his views on this form of organizing society. Also, Sachs’ view of capitalism comes through as well, although he does not talk about it explicitly. How does Sachs’ view of capitalism and communism differ from Marx’s view? And what is your opinion about the viability of capitalism and the viability of communism as systems of government? (If you don’t remember Marx’s view, please look it up in your theory book or elsewhere so that you answer this question in an informed ways