Assignment on Medicine Making Journal (Syrup)

  1. Instruction: Each student will keep a medicine-making journal with pictures describing how you prepared a selection of plants in a variety of ways. In the post you need to describe in detail what you did and how your preparation came out; you also have to take multiple pictures at different stages of your work. Make sure to include a sentence or two based on your readings describing what the plant is commonly used for. Tell in your post how you felt when you drank/consumed your preparation, did you enjoy it, would you consider recommending it to others, did you notice any difference in your digestion, mood, other.

    – Syrup – typically proportion is 1-2 tablespoons per 1 cup of water
    • Syrup – prepared by cooking the plant in a pot with water, allowing it to boil for
    20 minutes. At the end of the process, honey is added to preserve, brandy can
    also be added to preserve long-term.
    ➢ Plants to Use – Elderberry
    To the writer: Please find the grading rubric for advanced instruction. If you can take pictures, great. If you can’t, it’s okay.