Assignment on Contemporary Issues in Hospitality Management(CW2)

The main content and central idea of this thesis I have given in the attached document.
The paper requires two hotel groups/chains to be chosen.
eg. Hilton is a good choice, there are many case studies and it can be one of them for you to choose from.

Please read the thesis requirements, which I have given in the attached document. And, in the document I have provided you with, there is a screenshot that shows the structure (outline) of the dissertation provided by the teacher. This screenshot is the main point and contains the headings for each paragraph of the essay, as well as the content and word count required for each paragraph. Please make sure you complete your essay in accordance with this and try not to change the headings provided by the teacher, and contact me if you have any problems.

The main sources for this essay are the hotel website, the case study, the PowerPoint that I have provided, and a focus on the use of critical thinking, the marking criteria, and the content of the aim of the report. (assessment brief)