Assignment on Consumer Behavior

  • Assignments represent one-third of the final grade, so they should not be taken lightly. If you want a top grade, do top-grade work: research your topic, then write clearly, explain and support your answers, avoid misspellings, personalize your answers (be opinionated/ express your likes and dislikes whenever possible) -and use creativity, adding color and images to enhance and support an answer, etc.  You have plenty of time, so use it to do good work and improve your grade!
  • 9: Research and identify what types of ads are particularly effective in each of these social networking sites, and why: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Give an example for each site.
  • 10: Which of the stages of the traditional family life cycle are the most lucrative for these businesses:  a) group chat live rooms like, b) Club Med vacation, c) Disney World resort, d) Winnebago motor homes.  Copy their ads, determine their target demographics, and explain your answers.
  • 11: Find an online ad for a personal care product.  Copy it and discuss the symbols used in the ad and their effectiveness in conveying the desired product image or characteristics (apply concepts mentioned in the chapter).
  • 12: Find the following data for Hispanics, and indicate its sources:  What % of the U.S. population is comprised of Hispanics? What is their current buying power in $ billion? Is their median age younger or older than non-Hispanic whites? What % of the U.S. population are they expected to represent by 2050?.  Also, what is their average family size compared to other subcultures?
  • 13: Indicate how you made your decision to attend ( Name of your college) rather than another institution.  Use the 3-Stage Consumer Decision Making  Process to explain your decision.  Note:  there’s no right or wrong answer; explain your own case in an honest and personal way in terms of whether it fits the specifics of the 3-Stage Process.  In which specific ways are you happy and disappointed with your decision (be honest!), and what does it say about the 3-Stage Process?  The best answers are opinionated and truthful