Assignment Case study on Client, Family and Practice Setting

Briefly present the client and the family, and discuss the assessment and method selected, and then evaluate that method in terms of its effectiveness with more than one client in their setting. While each client is unique—often the work done in certain settings follows a similar process.
● Using a process to show how your session/s has unfolded. Discuss the
ways it has and/or has not conformed to the approach you had selected. Critically discuss
the limits of the model chosen and your limits in carrying it out.
● Discuss the treatment relationship and the ways it evolved and expressed your and your
client’s social identities. How did these identities interact and inform the work? What
might you do differently and why would these changes be better?
● Discuss the ways in which your use or lack of use, of the skills of genuineness, empathy,
and respect impacted your engagement with the client.
● What ethical and social justice issues were implicated in this work, in the client’s issues, and in the particular agency in which it is occurring?
● Evaluate your effectiveness showing the evidence that supports your evaluation