Assignment Article on Child Sexual abuse


See the Activity 6 handout and article on Child Sexual abuse. Use the questions in this activity to guide your narrative paper about this topic.
Be sure to include self-reflection regarding your personal feelings about working with children who have been victims of sexual abuse/ their non-offending parents/ and the perpetrators of child sexual abuse. If you have experienced child sexual abuse personally, working in Child Welfare can re-traumatize you, OR if you have done a lot of therapy work, you might have even more empathy and ability to meet client needs because of your own experiences.
Read the article about sexual abuse attached to Activity 6 and write a short topical paper regarding child sexual abuse as it relates to this article/activity. Your paper should include answers to the 4 questions listed in this activity, as well as your personal self-reflection/reactions to investigation and treatment of child sexual abuse and working with sexual offenders and victim children. Do you think you could practice the 6 principles of partnership with sexual offenders, non-offending parents, and victim children? Why or why not?
. Each paper is to be no more than four pages, double spaced and is designed to be informal reflective papers. The purpose of these papers is to help the student increase his/her self-awareness. Topics will help students understand how social issues and problems have impacted their lives. A social worker’s personality, temperament, knowledge (including self-knowledge), the strength of character, wisdom from experience, capacity for caring, etc. are major determining factors of how effective he/she will be in working with those in need. Please include self-reflection in your topical papers—discuss how you would feel/process the topic personally as a child welfare worker.