Assignment # 5 A Piece of Cake Clinical Presentation

Assignment # 5 “A Piece of Cake” Clinical Presentation

This paper is to be up to 10 double spaced, typed pages with standard margins, and written with attention to coherence, grammar, spelling, and well-developed ideas. Support your ideas and impressions with journal articles and/or professional books. Use APA format throughout your paper and bibliography. Use a minimum of 8 sources and a minimum of 20 citations though out the paper. (The book, “A Piece of Cake”, will not count towards the 8 sources or 20 citations). Include the following information in your paper: each item should include citations either through definition or research to back up a point you are making.

  1. Group the different types of trauma the character has endured using a chart, a graph, or some visual representation that would fit on one page.
  2. What are the trauma symptoms and reactions being presented by the character

(Support with literature)

  1. Describe the character’s coping mechanisms whether positive, negative, or mixed (support with literature)

(Define coping mechanisms, support how and why clients develop and use coping mechanisms, etc.)

  1. System failures: How have the social systems failed this character, what effects do the failures of the system create in her life, how prevalent are these failures in 2019? Please use the current policy in this section.
  2. Throughout this memoir, this character displays courageous resiliency
  3. Define resiliency
  4. Describe an instance of resilience that moves you
  5. Avenues to recovery and healing; Describe the character’s recovery process, and the contributing factors that helped her stay committed to healing. Use research/literature to support healing avenues, healing systems, healing supports, and the how and why these avenues can either work or fail.
  6. Transference/Countertransference
  7. Define each
  8. What transference/countertransference issues do you imagine developing when working with this client?

Use charts, bullet points to list types of Trauma but no retelling of significant portions of the book