Assignment 4 – Drawbridge Evaluation Essay

Assignment 4 – Drawbridge Evaluation Essay
This assignment includes a Title Page, a Cover Letter, and an Essay with an
Outline. Submit the assignment to Blackboard on or before the date of Monday,
November 19, 2018.
The assignment is graded out of 20.
Title Page: follow the template.
Cover Letter: In a one-page letter, outline one or two strengths and one or two
weaknesses of your essay (if there are any!) and/or indicate any difficulties you may
have had with the assignment
Essay and Outline: Read the story printed below: “The Drawbridge.” Decide which
person is most guilty of the death of the Baroness. Choose one person only.
Write an essay to convince me that you are correct. Give sufficient proof of your claim.
Do not show how everyone bears some guilt. Do not show how the others are less
guilty. Prove who is most guilty of her death – who is the most responsible? Include only
evidence that proves why that one person is guilty of her death.
(This is an evaluation essay – see Chapter 8 of the CourseWare Package for
(Remember to brainstorm ideas and to make a list and a skeleton outline before you
start to write – turn in the outline)
Use the language of assumption when assuming. If a fact is not stated in the story, you
are making an assumption, and must use words such as “maybe” or “perhaps”. Because
information in the story is limited, you will have to do some assuming. What might be
true? What could that person have done instead? How does the proof blame him/her for
the death of the Baroness?
Remember to make the introduction interesting. Use some background material or
mention cultural or historical practices – whatever will make the reader want to read on.