Argumentative Essays Assignment on How is social media impacting our lives

How is social media impacting our lives

E5 – Argumentative Paper

Step 1:Paper topic

Research your topic and its associated problems, collect and organize evidence, look for possible relationships between known facts, and think about where you stand on your selected issue. When you have done this research and thinking, develop a thesis that presents your stance and an argument that you think you can support with concrete reasons and evidence.


Step 2: Paper Instructions

In a 700-800 word argumentative paper that follows MLA style, state and support your position. Assume an audience that does not agree with you. You should use a minimum of three credible outside sources (i.e., no Wikipedia, personal blogs, sources of questionable integrity or bias) in your essay. The essay word count does not include the works cited page. I will deduct -5 from the essay grade for each missing/inappropriate source.

Your introduction should present the topic and grab the attention of the reader, perhaps with a short narrative or strong example. It should present your stance in an argumentative thesis as well as your preliminary reasoning.

The body of your argument should present reasons and evidence in support of your own position and also summarize and respond to opposing views.

Your conclusion should leave readers with an understanding of why your argument is important in a broader context or how it can apply to a larger concept. Do not simply repeat your thesis word for word.

All outside sources should be integrated and documented accurately in the essay and in a Works Cited page.


E5 Evaluation guidelines

E-5: Argument and Persuasion Grading Rubric  Word count:  
Paper follows assignment instructions with regard to the E5 prompt: Points possible Points earned
Essay has a clear point or central idea and an argumentative thesis that takes a firm stand on a debatable issue 20  
Argument is grounded in evidence or is defensible; reasons and evidence clearly connect to thesis 20  
Opposing viewpoints acknowledged and refuted 10  
Credible evidence from multiple sources integrated smoothly into the essay 10  
An organization that guides the reader through the essay 10  
Accurate MLA documentation in the essay 10  
Works cited page that follows MLA requirements 10  
Carefully crafted sentences in standard American English
3 -5 errors = -5
6 + errors = -10
Subtotal 100  
Word count deduction:    
Sources as directed: -5 for each source fewer than 3; only 1 source from RW    
Correct MLA Page formatting: header, heading, title, margins, spacing (up to -10)    
Final total 100