Analyzing and Critiquing Qualitative and Mixed-Methods Research

In this assignment, you will read and analyze existing literature related to your selected clinical practice issue and research methodology.
Step 1. Select
Select two professional articles addressing (1) your identified clinical practice issue or a similar issue using a qualitative or mixed-methods approach and (2) the benefits of qualitative and/or mixed-methods research to quality improvements in healthcare in general and your specific clinical practice issue.
Step 2. Analyze
Read and analyze the two articles for information relevant to the clinical practice issue you are addressing and your chosen research methodology. Make notes on how the articles relate specifically to your topic and methodology.
Step 3. Write
Write a 1-2 page, APA-formatted analysis paper introducing the two articles and addressing these questions:
1. What general healthcare and nursing issues prompted the articles and the research conducted?
2. How do the articles relate to your selected clinical practice issue and methodology?
3. What were the findings reported in the articles, and how can they improve the quality of nursing care and patient outcomes? In general? Related to your identified issue?
4. How can you use what you have learned from the articles to explore your identified clinical practice issue and design a research study to explore the issue?
Include a references list in APA format.