Analysis of theories of Economic Development Assignment

Economic Development (course name)

Analysis of theories of economic development. Consideration will be given to the requirements of successful development, to aspects of international co-operation, and to procedures of economic planning. Problems of emerging countries and models of various developing economies will be studied.

  1. This is a summary article from econ.

Please remember this is an article about econ. Please remember to check the requirements and not to be biased.


  1. I need 2 pages and 3 source.(no more than 500 words)

I will upload the rating criteria, please complete the article according to the article requirements and rating criteria.

  1. TASK

Read the article from The Economist magazine below.

You can access the economist from the library’s webpage at:

Links to an external site.

After reading the article make a summary of no more than 500 words. To do an effective summary, you must make a choice on what information you include and which you leave out, so that you don’t exceed the word limit.

  1. Article content

*Begin by stating what is the main hypothesis of the article and discuss the facts and arguments presented to support the main hypothesis.

Then discuss your own thoughts on the understanding for economic development in African countries. What policy would you recommend to help African economies develop? Give a brief justification for your recommendation (please try to use mostly economic arguments).