An analysis of the impact of terrorism in the tourism and hospitality industry in Europe

Chapter 3 METHODOLOGY (1500-1800 words)


Chapter 3 should have the following structure:

3.1   Research Methods

3.2   Data Collection

         3.2.1 Population, Sampling Technique, and Sample

         3.2.1 Research Design and Collection Process

         3.2.3 Pilot Study

3.3   Data Analysis Method

3.4   Validity and Reliability / Trustworthiness

3.5   Limitations

3.6   Ethical Issues

3.1   Research Methods: discuss the aspects of research approach, research purpose, and research methods:

  • research approach: deductive
  • research purpose: descriptive, exploratory, or explanatory research?
  • research method: quantitative (I will do questionnaires, survey)
  • You need to provide justifications and comprehensive explanations for the chosen approach, purpose, and methods.
  • It is necessary to have coherence (no mismatch) among selected research methods and research design and data collection method.
  • A mixed approach (using both quantitative and qualitative researches) is NOT allowed.
  • You can use primary research, secondary research, or a mixture of both.
  • Reminder: data need to be collected for all three objectives.


3.2   Data Collection (Primary data): identify and discuss data collection for your research

3.2.1   Population, Sampling Technique, and Sample

  • Address the following aspects: Population of your study, the sampling frame needed for the selection of sampling technique applicable in your research, and the sample for your study.
  • Reminder: only if the sampling frame is determinable/obtainable, then random sampling can be applied. If you cannot establish the sampling frame, then non-probability sampling must be used!

You should aim for 12 questions for the questionnaire. The questions are made from your literature review. So, I suggest like 4 questions from each objective that I will post online I just need the questions.