Sample Project Paper on New Composition: Speech

Three Composers

Three music composers, namely Hector Berlioz, Felix Mendelssohn and Ludwig van Beethoven, have been selected to compose a birthday present music for my uncle. However, after evaluating their impacts on the lives of their audiences, I have determined that Beethoven would be the best music composer for the occasion. First, he is an experienced musician. Accordingly, he understands what his audiences love, and the kind of music that fits different occasions (Sayre, 2011). In relation to this fact, I strongly believe that he would compose a nice piece of music for my uncle.

Secondly, he has composed similar music and dedicated itto heroes. Bearing in mind that myuncle is a hero to me and our family, I strongly believe that Beethoven would be a perfect fit for this job. He would emphasizethe heroic emotions that I want to generate in my uncle, thereby help him to celebrate his birthday in a memorable manner. Thirdly, Beethoven has had many life experiences. He understands the meaning of being high and the meaning of being low. Accordingly, he would compose a piece of music that would touch the life of my uncle. This would help my uncle to enjoy his birthday party.

The Reason the Others Were Not Selected

The other two composers were not chosenfor my uncle’s birthday party. Mendelssohn was not selected because of his inability to target his music to a particular group of audience. He is an experienced music composer, but his forty-eight music without words does not have words (Alexander, 2013). Although the music is good, it challenges its listeners to imagine the precise words for the occasion. I do not intend to subject my uncle to such a task during his birthday party, because that is his moment to celebrate. Mendelssohn was also not selected because his Hebrides overture does not tell a story; rather it sets a scene (Murray, 2013). During my uncle’s birthday party, I want a composer who would tell a story that relates to my uncle as opposed to setting a scene. Consequently, Mendelssohn would not be the right composer for my uncle’s birthday party’s music.

Berlioz was also not selected because most of his music focuses on love affairs, and my uncle’s party will not be a love affair. My uncle’s birthday party will be about his achievements and what he can accomplishfor the rest of his life. It will also be about wishing him long life. Berlioz is not experienced in this area. Therefore, he would not be the right composer for my uncle’s birthday.

Musical Elements to Include in the Music

In order to make my uncle’s birthday party both colorful and enjoyable, I would like you to include emotional partsin your music. The emotional partsshould make my uncle feel that he is a hero and that he has achieved much in his life. At the same time, itshould make him feel that he can do more than he has done. You may also consider including concords that would remind my uncle of his past, and notes that would make him honored to be one of the oldest people in our family. Besides including touchingpieces, you should also consider including a main theme in your composition. The main theme should help my uncle understand the critical role that he plays in our family.



Emotions Generated by Beethoven’s Music

As my uncle listens to Beethoven’s music, he would remember his years of great effort and triumph. He would particularly remember the days he united our family. He would also remember the victory that our family attained through unity and his life achievements. This would not only give my uncle an assurance of long life, but it would also give him a promise that he would have better days now and in the future, and that our family would remain united forever.

Why Beethoven is a Perfect Composer

Beethoven is knowledgeable about different types of music (Sayre, 2011). Therefore, he would compose music that would evoke different types of feelings in my uncle. This would help my uncle to value life for what it holds for him. It would also remind my uncle the position he holds in our family. This would be an encouragement to him for the rest of his life. It would particularly help him to face life with confidence because he has what it takes to live long.

Beethoven has experienced both joy and sorrow. He understands that life can sometimes be good, and, at other times, it can be bad. He also understands what it takes to live a good life (Sayre, 2011). Through these life experiences, he would help my uncle feel the way I want him to feel about his life because of what he has done for our family. He would, in particular, personalize the music to help my uncle celebrate his birthday party. He would also help my uncle realize that I value him and that the family acknowledges his worth.




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